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The Secret to Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Hey lady, the voice in the back of your head telling you, you don't belong here needs to shut up!

Tell it to shut up.

It's stealing your joy, creativity, confidence, and your ability to celebrate your victories.

Don't let such a small voice tell you, you don't belong.

If the voice isn't internal but belongs to someone else, throat-punch them.

I'm just kidding but do the equivalent of gagging them. They DO NOT get to have a say in how you see yourself.

A lot of us women haven't been told enough that we have the God-given right, (by way of free will) to exist in any and every space we choose to. Apart from not being told we can occupy space, we've also been banned from enjoying the world, we're made to feel unsafe in our homes, offices, and on the streets.

Being a woman means sometimes your safety is compromised even when you've done everything to secure it. I believe this is the root of imposter syndrome. We're constantly looking over our shoulders or having other people look over our shoulders. Our bodies are policed and our movements/words monitored. We are so visible that when our hard work or talent gets us into rooms with bigger opportunities and wider platforms, we start to feel unworthy. The gaze of others feels heavy on our movements, and don't get it twisted other people are watching, BUT maybe not for the reasons you think.

Tell yourself those people are looking on because they admire you.

If you were to make a list of your best character traits the picture would be of a woman of substance, a woman who is absolutely worthy of everything she has.

Try it, write a list with your best traits. Put it up to the light in the rooms you will occupy, put it on the walls of those rooms, and every time that stupid voice whispers "Maybe you don't deserve this, or are you sure you can do this, or they only gave you the position because you (insert something you think is a weakness but is really a strength)", look at the list you put up on the wall and tell that stupid voice,

"I respect the woman I am, I am ambitious, I am intelligent, I am capable of achieving what I am here to do."

Be bold, be brave, and carry forth a legacy of fearlessness because you are fearfully and wonderfully made.


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