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4 Things I Wish I Did More in 2021

To start off, let me welcome you to 2022, because the last you read a word from was back in November. You see what had happened hit that turbo boost and jumped me with responsibilities. But I wanted to commemorate the new year, and celebrate surviving 2021.

Whatever surviving meant for you, I'm glad you're here.

2021 was full of joy, peace, learning, and fear. All the good things were wrapped up in a lot of fear. It's hard to admit I was afraid, but I was. New variants of Covid aside, I planted some real seeds to make one of my dreams a reality. My fear came from the potential shifts in perception about me and the commitment to the journey ahead. I kept my goal setting a secret but for informing a select 2 humans.

I didn't really celebrate writing 300+ pages of a beautiful love story, and that's the first thing I should've done more of.

  1. I should've celebrated more. I wish I rewarded my dedication and acknowledged my sacrifices to complete Soul Ties.

Even though I didn't celebrate as often as I should've I'm taking the lesson into 2022. Every little win counts!

2. I should've taken more time to smell the roses, and walk God's green earth.

Work From Home (WFH) meant most of my daylight hours in 2021 passed without me ever greeting the sun. I wished I spent more time in the beauty of creation.

3. I should've laughed more. I took myself hecka serious in 2021, I pray in 2022 I make time for the jokes that come with idle conversations.

4. I should've prayed more. I did a fair bit of praying but you can never pray too much or over-communicate with God. I should've spent more time with him just listening.

That's it. Four and done. Welcome to 2022 and I'm so happy you're here. May you adventure to your heart's content and love till your cup overflows.

- AdaBailey

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