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Ada Reads - Love

Updated: May 28, 2021

I'm starting this series of "Ada Reads" to highlight some of my favorite authors. I've spent years reading, admiring, praising (silently), and silent praise is not what these wonderful authors deserve so I've decided to make the praise public.

The first author is Ms. Love Belvin...

I stumbled across her work years ago and blew through her catalog in 3 weeks. After that, I sat and lamented not savoring her books but she continues to write. She's kept writing amazing books since I encountered her in 2018, and recently (as in a few days ago) she released another book in the Connecticut Kings series Love's Encroachment Book 7 in the series.

I'm definitely going to be reading when I gather space between the hassle of life.

However, my personal recommendation for those new to Love's world; for an enjoyable and sometimes frustrating introduction to her characters and writing try My Muted Love - Tori and Ashton are bae (Heart Eyes). It's a completed 3 book fact, she has many completed series featuring her wonderful characters.

If you're scared to start a new series with her don't worry, one thing I love about Love is her books always come ON TIME and not a day later.

Enjoy your reading...


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