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Upcoming Book Release: Twisted Souls by Ada N. Bailey - Blurb

Hello, Ada here to let you know that Twisted Souls, the ebook – the finale of Julia and Rajan's tale will be out on the 1st of August. Here's the blurb:

Julia and Rajan have endured the unimaginable—losing their child. The trauma of their shared experience has left them reeling, unsure of how to piece together a future.

As they cling to the love they share, the path to healing feels treacherous and uncertain. Doubt looms large, overshadowing any glimmer of hope for a future together amidst their profound pain. Complicating matters further, they face the harsh backlash provoked by their affair. In the face of intense scrutiny and judgment, they're forced to confront their deepest fears - losing each other to the tumultuous aftermath of their choices.

In this poignant finale of the Heavy Love series, Rajan and Julia must confront their inner demons, the backlash from family and foes, and restore order to the ruins of their lives.

Will they dare to fight against the odds and discover that their love alone might be their saving grace?

Mark your calendars and please share the news if you're eagerly anticipating this release. Tell a friend to tell a friend.

Available for preorder on Amazon.

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