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I Finally Finished the Book...7 Years Later



I started writing with hope. I wanted so bad to make sense of the messiness in the world and in the sentences I penned, I found order to the chaos. I had absolute control over the decisions being made.

The bad guys went to prison or died.

Love triangles were NEVER a thing. (Twilight ruined them for me)

Good girls found the love of their lives and still went to heaven even if he was a bad guy.

People who hurt other people got thrown in the pen or shamed publically.

But most importantly, there was always love available when my characters needed it. Guidance and peace were available; companionship, kindness, and friendship were generously offered.

The first multi-chapter story I wrote from my heart was called 'Keeping Faith and Slipping'

The story was full of what I wanted life to be, (at that stage I didn't know the things my lead character Aisha needed I already had floating around me).

Her story is a beautiful one...maybe I'll share her voice one day.

But I'm not here about Aisha, she was one of the first but another voice beat her to the finish line. After seven years, Julia E. Lane emerges.

Her story crystalized in the pyres of my first heartbreak, and died in the ashes of my healing. She was resurrected on the back of hope.

My hope was simply to complete the work I started 6 years ago. To close the book I titled 'Inspiration'. Accepting inspiration from heartache is like finding an outlet for pain. Julia's story is now ready to be shared with the world as Soul Ties.

What can I say about Julia? She's loyal and she tries her best...even when her best muddies the waters of her life and leaves her hiding in the shadows. Her heart is raw and wanting to experience her true love without complications. You can read the blurb here

I hope you enjoy the story that took me seven years to finish when I hit publish.

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