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Ada Reads - Rae

Saving Sunflower...le sigh.

This book was an unexpectedly great find.

As a reader sometimes I find myself asking, "Where are all the good books?"

I worry I've read all the good books. That's far from the truth, I know it and you know it.

But Saving Sunflower, made me realize I was dead wrong in my assumptions about the good books. They're out there but we live in a world where lists and platforms curate our tastes and lots of good books are left off those lists.

The imperfections of life, the parts of people we sugar quote and hide make the world Rae Lyse created real. The glitz and glam one usually sees in a romance story is missing in this story but it doesn't make the love any less worthy. On the contrary, it enhances it. Dominique and Claudette's story is one filled with the essence of love, they endure, sacrifice, and fight for each other.

I loved that about the people in this book. I HIGHLY recommend it, and the second story in The Sun series. Rae Lyse did her thing.

Happy reading and please leave your own good book recommendations in the comments.

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