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Here's Why Black Women Rock!

{Aside - I'm throwing myself the world of self-publishing soon, and it sometimes seems very daunting, but I always walk by faith and not by sight. My journey is one of planting seeds I get to watch sprout from beneath the earth}.

That's not why Black women Rock though. I'm here to say thank you because, black women, you ROCK!!

I didn't know I needed black women as lead characters until I read my first story on Valent Chamber - It was there I found Sienna Mynx and many others who wrote stories and shared them for FREE. A testament to their dedication to their craft.

I smile as I think back to those days reading the fine print on my chosen black and white Valent Chamber background. My eyes were always straining on the words, eager to learn more about characters I could tell were woven with love and sensitivity. Eager to see and imagine how black women could be loved and cared for even in the fiction realm.

I've learned a thing or five about love since then and a big thing I know is that love requires gratitude. Love requires appreciation and respect so that's where I say "Hats off to all the black women authors"

Here are a few I'd especially like to call up to the stage (in no particular order of distinction).

Brenda Jackson - The Legend of Black Love

Yaa Gyasi - Homegoing was exactly what I needed.

Zora Neal Hurston - She taught me imperfect Black Love is still a foundation that can be built on.

Love Belvin - For the hearts of your characters who heal after hurt.

Christina C. Jones - Just keep writing and I'll keep reading

K. Carr - I found Madison on Valent Chamber, and I followed her to publication. Your work is inspirational.

Toni Morrison - I've followed the sound of your voice to the pages of your books.

Dr. Maya Angelou - Still We Rise is one of my favorite lines to hear. Always behind Jesus loves you, and miles ahead of Que Sera Sera.

Beverly Jenkins - The Trailblazer you can't even imagine how far out your work stretches.

Here are your flowers.

I've watched black women in the romance industry(especially) write their way to recognition and bestsellers list the world over. I applaud the work ethic. I believe in the vision, and I 100% support the drive.

Keep writing. Keep dreaming. Keep reading, and we'll keep winning.

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