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5 Things You Learn form Reading Talia Hibbert (Ada Reads)

I'm back with another author to read this 2021. If you are a romance reader this is for you.

Talia Hibbert is for you. She not only knows her stuff, but her stuff is also so uniquely different it keeps you tittering. Every single book of hers I've read has made me giggle, and you best believe I learned stuff too. Here's a shortlist of what you learn from her books...

  1. Normal is a spectrum:

Ruth and Evan: "a grouchy, autistic nerd and the gorgeous human labrador" they changed my idea of a normal romance couple. They are very normal in the boy sees girl, boy wants girl type of way, but then they start to color the spectrum of normal in their own way and its an inspiring beautiful read.

2. Abnormal is on the spectrum of normal.

Seriously though, read the title of this book. Anyone who needs to get a life, via a very specific list, like my girl Chloe, would be called weird. But the thing is her desires are wholly normal and I loved reading along with her adventures. I caught myself tittering at the tree scene.

3. Fear will have you walking away from your blessing.

Ah, The Roommate Risk is repackaged. I met these two in Wanna Bet? and I wanna bet it's still just as great a read. My advice to anyone reading this. Don't be afraid. Reading this book teaches that, but in your own life don't be afraid. Don't let fear drive your actions or inactions.

4. Fear will have you running towards your blessing.

Read number 4 again. I can't really say much here without giving away the whole story but love is patient and kind and compassionate and it heals. ANYTHING that does the opposite, especially if it's not protecting and preserving and it hurts. Ehh, find a way out.

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5. Cherry is a fruit but Cherry is also a way of life.

If you've been following Harry and Meghan's life. This one is most definitely for you, fearless yet flawed black women taking names and men. I Stan! Especially if they keep their backbone high and lifted up. Not just with pride but with character!

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Naveah Golden
Naveah Golden
Jun 26, 2021

Excellent post. I've never heard of the author before; but, I am adding her to my list. Thank you!

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