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Day Dreaming with Dylan Allen - Ada Reads

I’ve been on a serious Dylan Alan kick. I fell in love with her work after Jezebel. Gosh! That book made me want to chuck my phone. Truthfully, I wanted to write this post about Jezebel but I reread it so much it's now like the wornest and tornest book in my library. Without Jezebel, my all-time fave from Dylan I struggled to write this recommendation to add to the Ada Reads series. I was scared none of her other books would be as good as Jezebel.

Thank God, I was wrong. Dylan Allen has this uncanny way of making the absolutely heart-wrenching parts of life feel conquerable.

I stepped into the deep end of her writing this week with The Sound of Temptation and after the first pages, I added dancing near a bonfire with the LOML to my life list.

The Sound of Temptation gave me a fresh appreciation for the relationship between artist, muse, and creation. Sometimes art is innate, you feel so you must create; and sometimes it’s ingrained, you experienced so you must create. But whatever the reason for creating, art like Dylan's is important.

Humans are imperfect. That is a fact. Yet and still we all deserve grace and forgiveness. Dylan Allen captured that need for grace and forgiveness in The Sound of Temptation. So please girdle your waist (in west African speak 'tie your wrapper') as you read Dylan Allen. Her character's worlds are hard, frustrating and quite frankly they make me angry but they also make me giddy and bashful.

I recommend Dylan Allen. She’s a great author, and while I have you here let me also recommend Jesus. He's a great savior.

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