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Guess which Author is Winning at the Writing Game?

Can someone sing and hit every note, yes we see it done. Can someone write and hit every emotional note, flow, sentence structure, and grammar? Very rarely, but it's possible.

Possible is a thing with Millie, sometimes Amazon makes a suggestion and I'm like meh I'll take it. I read the Garden of Eden, by Millie Belizaire and I was like wait hold up, stop WHO is SHE? Does she have any more books?

I'm glad she did and she's still writing. Here are my Ada Reads recommendations for Millie.

Are you ready?

Okay it's simple, read EVERYTHING, but start with these two. Why? Because black girls don't always have it all figured out, and we always need love. Always.

Eden is an R&B superstar who has lost her passion for music.

Andrew is a pastor who doesn't believe in God.

1. A girl or guy who is quick to engage in sexual activities. --Oftentimes used to shame. Oftentimes used to blame victims for their own abuse.

Note to Millie: In case you ever pop by to read this, thank you for giving space for these characters to grow. When I read them, I needed them and I hope you keep writing because I'll keep reading.

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