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What do you do when the HEA is not enough?

HEA = Happily Ever After.

Every author promises their couple is the hottest, sweetest, nicest, or most REAL, but sometimes the magic doesn't spark on page 1, or on page 130, nor on page 340. The truth is there comes a time in every avid reader's life when your genre of choice feels stale or lacking. For the purposes of this post, the romance feels dead.

So what comes next?

A Goodreads deep dive? Reading reviews? Praying your favorite author drops a new book just because you miss their work?

The list goes on and on, there are so many ways to pass the time between you longing to read and your next good book, and that's why I'm here to help:

Here are my top five tricks for rekindling the love for romance.

1. You could be writing while you wait. You've heard the saying if there's a book you want to read write it? Well here's your chance, you have enough imagination to do it. I believe in you, spend some time outlining your character's own HEA or HNA.

2. Find a local reading community or a virtual reading community on Goodreads, Facebook, or Instagram. Fair warning it might just be a bunch of strangers yelling at each other or complaining.

3. If one of your favorite books has been dramatized, watch the movie or TV show from beginning to end. (Ex. Outlander, Twilight, Bridgerton, 50 Shades). If you just can't do TV, let me suggest FANFICTION.

4. Pick up a different genre. The best way to get over someone (a character) is to get with someone new. (Disclaimer. I strongly advise against this tip after a breakup, I can tell you stories of heartbreak and confusion from following this in interpersonal relationships)

(...but this could be you)

5. Spend time in reality, build your own HEA relationships with people. It will enrich your experience of reading once you find that good book.

(or sit on a seesaw by yourself)

There you have it, a five-step plan to revive the love for romance. If it doesn't work, then maybe you've outgrown the genre and you need a hiatus, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Or absence will lead you to the new Love of your life, who knows you might meet Jesus. He's my favorite hero.

*I'm soliciting your help to VOTE on the cover of my debut novel Soul Ties*

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