Love in Color

"I write romance because when I close my eyes, characters dance, and whisper their secrets into my mind, I can't hold them all captive so their voices break out and guide my pen as I author their stories."

- Ada Bailey


Your Comfort is Owed to Someone

(We) live in a world where our comforts are the responsibilities of other people. Yet, we act like we owe no one and are therefore...

What does Love mean?

What is love? It's a big question and love is a big feeling and verb and I wanted to explore the topic so What does love mean?

How to be a 'Good' human?

Disclaimer I am not the architect of good, that is God (find him here). This post is a summary of how I was taught to see good. I no...

Here's Why Black Women Rock!

{Aside - I'm throwing myself the world of self-publishing soon, and it sometimes seems very daunting, but I always walk by faith and not...

Butterfly...Le Sigh

I despise cliffhangers. They really make me feel like I'm standing on a cliff about to drop into the dark abyss of annoyance. I've ground...

Ada Reads - Rae

Saving Sunflower...le sigh. This book was an unexpectedly great find. As a reader sometimes I find myself asking, "Where are all the good...

Ada Reads - Love

Ada Reads authors that make work that put smiles on her face and excitement in her heart


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